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Be careful with No-Zones!


Be careful with No-Zones!

Have you heard about No-Zones? They are areas where the driver can not see from the heavy-duty truck’s mirrors. These are practically the same as blind spots but in this case, they apply to commercial trucks. There are blind spots in every vehicle but the ones in a heavy-duty truck are a whole different story due to the size and weight of this type of vehicle and the large risk of accidents it can cause, thus endangering the lives of drivers and passengers.

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September 19, 2022

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To be a responsible driver and avoid accidents, it is important to know your truck’s blind spots as well as some tips for driving safely around other vehicles. Let’s take a look at some:

How many blind spots does my truck have?

There are four blind spots in heavy-duty trucks: 

Left side mirror: since this is the driver’s side, it extends one line. 

Right side mirror:  it extends two lines since this is the passenger’s side. It is also the largest blind spot. 

Front side: it extends at least 20 feet in front of the truck. It’s difficult to have good visibility in the front part of a truck due to the size of the hood.

Rear side: a rear-view mirror does not exist in trucks, so it is more difficult for drivers to see  the backside of the vehicle just with the side-view mirrors. The rear blind spot extends nearly 200 feet. 

Be careful with No-Zones!Safety measures for a truck driver:

To reduce the risk of having an accident and endanger others’ lives, we give you some tips for having a safe drive on the road: 

  • Avoid keeping objects on the dashboard and front glass of the truck.

  • Position the side mirrors at an angle where you can also see the side of the truck to get a better view of the vehicles driving on your sides. 

  • Keep a considerable distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you. 

  • If you are going to change lanes, do it slowly and make sure you do not have vehicles on your sides. It is recommended changing lanes on the left side. 

  • You can opt to have help-like cameras installed on mirrors or a side-view assist. 

  • Check your mirror’s condition. In case you need to replace it, don’t hesitate in taking a look at our aftermarket mirror catalog at

Be careful with No-Zones!As we saw on this blog, truck No-Zones can cause a considerable danger risk for all drivers. For this reason, we need to follow these and other recommendations to have a safe journey. 

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