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Our best sellers & client’s favorites aftermarket truck parts!


Our best sellers & client’s favorites aftermarket truck parts!

As you may have noticed, we have an amount of love for trucks. Our passion is to serve our customers well. It drives us constantly to strive as the best ones in the medium-duty and heavy-duty trucks parts market.

IBG Truck Parts

septiembre 18, 2022

2 minutos

We specialize in truck parts and lighting for both medium-duty and heavy-duty trucks, including bumpers, grilles, mirrors, headlights, panels, fog lamps, and so much more! We pride ourselves on offering high-quality products and contributing significantly to the best performance for our customer’s trucks. We love supporting our clients, and sharing their favorites purchases makes us cherish and value all the effort we put into our work.

Our top 5 states in sales are

– Florida: Our customers from The Sunshine State seem to need headlamps and corner panels for Isuzu and Mitsubishi trucks. The need for headlights could be due to their rainfall seasons between June and October. 

– Texas: Southerners seem to prefer corner panels, side bumpers, and bumpers purchases. We can attribute this; to the Texans’ love for a predominant front look that most pickups and trucks have, which seems to give them more attention at these aftermarket parts. 

– California: The Golden State natives focus more on headlamps, corner panels, and grilles! Also, this could be because of their warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters.

– New York: For the city that never sleeps, grilles, step panels, corner lamps for Isuzu, Mitsubishi, and Hino trucks seem to be their go-to in truck parts. They may need just their corner lamps for those all-nighters, huh?

– New Jersey: last but not least, The Jerseys. Very hard to please consumers, but always seem to be swoon by our charm and quality, of course! They usually prefer our corner panels and headlights, since they are neighbors of the New Yorkers, for sure they’ll need those headlights! 

It doesn’t matter in which state you are in; we ship our products in all United Stated territory. These are the top five states that buy from us the most; nonetheless, states like Illinois, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Washington, and more, are good clients of ours too!

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