As everyone knows, changing engine oil is essential for the correct functioning of any vehicle, but some drivers might get a little lazy when it comes to doing it  When you change the oil of a heavy or medium-duty truck at the right time and using the right type, you are helping to improve its durability and functionality.


In case you do not know much about the oil change in your truck, when to change it and how to do it, we leave you in this blog a brief guide:

How to check the oil 

It is important to frequently check the level and consistency of your oil. To do it properly, first park the truck on level ground. Next, turn the engine off and make sure it has cooled down. Then, open the hood and use a dipstick to stir the oil. Clean the dipstick and reinsert it one more time to evaluate the oil level: if there isn’t enough oil, it is time to change it!


Also, take a look at the viscosity and color of the oil: it should look clean and have an amber color. If it has a darker color and dirt on it, it is time to change it!

When is the right time to change my truck’s oil?
When is the right time to change my truck’s oil?


When is it recommended to change it?

Experts recommend changing the oil of a heavy-duty truck every 25,000 miles. However, two identical trucks do not necessarily need their oil changed at the same time. This difference in intervals is going to be determined by these three factors: 


  • Engine: condition, design, and age. 
  • Patterns of driving: long or short distance drives, rough roads, weather conditions, etc.
  • Properties of the oil: poor quality oils will not last as high-quality ones. 

Changing your oil at the right time will help you to reduce engine wear, provide lubrication, and lengthen its life. So consider the above factors in determining an accurate time interval  for your truck. 


Doing it yourself vs Having a professional do it 

Due to the size and weight of heavy-duty and medium-duty trucks, we recommend having  a professional do it. However, if you don’t have the chance of taking your truck to the mechanic or, if you prefer to do it yourself, here are some steps to follow to complete the task:


First, you need to find a location with enough space to look at the engine. Then, leave the truck running for some time to warm up the engine and make sure the emergency brake is on to prevent any accident. Next, remove the screw and let the oil run out into an empty container and throw it away in a safe place. Finally, refill the oil pan with the new oil according to the specifications of the manufacturer.

When is the right time to change my truck’s oil?
When is the right time to change my truck’s oil?

Extra Tip

Just as it is important to change your oil to keep your truck up and running, it is also important to make sure that all parts are in good condition. Regarding this last aspect, we can definitely help you. At IBG Truck Parts we have different truck parts for a variety of truck makes at an affordable price. Check out our products at