In vehicles like cars and trucks, a very common part is the grille. Most heavy-duty trucks feature a grille at the front part to protect the radiator and engine. 


First, what’s exactly a grille? 

A grille is a grating, made of plastic or metal, that forms a barrier for the engine compartment to protect it from dirt, rocks, and other debris which are commons on the road. Also, a grille allows airflow to enter the radiator and helps the engine cool down. 

Everything you need to know about grilles!


Types of grilles and materials

Grilles are made of metal or plastic, usually chrome. There exist two main types of grilles: billet and mesh grilles. A billet grille is made up of parallel horizontal thick stripes, and a mesh grille is made of thin strips interwoven in different patterns. There also exist custom grilles on the market in case you want something more personalized for your heavy-duty truck.

Cleaning is important!

Keeping your grille clean is necessary to reduce damage and oxidation. Before you start cleaning it up, make sure to remove all the debris and tiny rocks that might get stuck to the piece. You can use a stain remover to ease this process. To wash the grille, use a cleaner or degreaser, a brush or a sponge, and water. As a final step, we recommend waxing the part to prevent scratches and other damages. 

Grille guard and other accessories

If you want extra protection and want to customize your heavy-duty truck, you should get a grille guard. This piece protects your grille and truck’s front end  also provides you with extra defense in case of low-speed accidents with animals or other vehicles. Another option to customize your truck’s front are LED lights: white, blue, green, red, etc. Other colors and different patterns are also available in the market. This accessory will give your truck a unique style and an extra boost of lighting on the road.  

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