A cab (or cabin) is the space in the truck where the driver is seated. This space has all the amenities a driver needs for those long days on the road: air conditioning, sound system, sleeping berth, and others. The size and structure of this compartment will depend on the capacity, the type of work and load the heavy-duty truck carries.

Different types of cab 

In heavy-duty trucks you can find different types of cabs depending on the design and  features they have. Let’s take a look at the main ones: 

Flat Nose or COE (cab over engine): in this type of Cab, the driver is seated at the top of the engine and axle. One of their advantages is that they allow the driver to have better visibility on the road and it’s easier to maneuver. The main disadvantage is their lack of aerodynamics, caused by the design and lightweight of these cabs. 

Large car or long nose: these are also known as conventional trucks, where the driver is seated behind the engine as in pick-up trucks. The advantage of this type of Cab is their aerodynamic design and how easy they are to inspect and maintain because it is easy to lift their bonnet. On the other hand, they are not as easy to drive or maneuver especially in tight corners or small roads because the engine takes up more space.

Choosing the right cab for your heavy duty truck!
Choosing the right cab for your heavy duty truck!

Moreover, you can find different types of cabs depending on the needs of the driver, like day cabs and sleeper cabs. 

  • Day cabs are the ones equipped with just one compartment to maximize space. They are more efficient and functional in short drives within cities, but they are not built with any special factor for comfort. Therefore, they cost less and are easier to drive.
  • Sleeper cabs, also known as apartments on wheels, are cabs equipped with sleeper berths and other facilities to allow the driver to spend days on the road and rest anywhere. Because of heir bigger size they are not usually used for short drives. On the contrarily, they are mostly recommended for delivering goods between cities, states, or locations which are very far apart. 
Choosing the right cab for your heavy duty truck!
Choosing the right cab for your heavy duty truck!

How do I choose the right cab for me? 

There are some factors you need to consider to choose the right cab for your needs: 

  • The distance you drive
  • Cargo size and weight
  • Budget

For example, if you are a long-distance driver with a heavy load, you need a comfy cab, with sleeping space and technology to help you reduce fuel consumption. On the contrary, if you are a short-distance driver with a light load it’s better to get a smaller cab that allows you to maneuver with ease. Having a sleeping space is not necessary in this case. 

Depending on your budget, you can choose different technologies for your cab such as a driving assistant, advanced sound system, efficient air conditioning, among some. Also, getting a customized cab is an option for those who are willing to spend a larger amount of money. 

Extra tip: maintenance of your cab

Drivers usually spend days and weeks in the cab, driving, eating, or resting. Because of this, having a cleaning routine is a must. Another factor to consider is replacing the air filter regularly to help the improvement of the air quality for the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning of the truck. 

Finally, we recommend having a recurrent look at the interior and exterior parts of the cab, to check their condition and see if it is necessary to get a replacement. On our IBG Truck Parts Website, you can find the different parts you need for the maintenance of your cab, like door handles and trims, door and corner mirrors, and even logo marks.  And the best part is that we ship all over the country. We invite you to take a look at https://ibgtruckparts.com/shop/