Truck Transportation is considered the most suitable mean of transportation in the US, almost 70% of the products reach their destination by different types of trucks. As it’s well-known, driving a heavy-duty truck is not an easy task, this could be because of its weight, large dimensions, multiple blind spots, or the long time it takes to make them stop. 

This is why we want to give you some of the best practices of responsible truck drivers:

1. Know your blind spots

What’s a blind spot? It is the area where you can’t see clearly when driving, for example, the areas where the mirror doesn’t cover, also the front and back of the truck. 

As a truck is between 3 to 4 times bigger than a car, it is why you need to be extremely careful and cautious on the road: check there’s no vehicle in your blind spots when driving, to keep others out of harm, and avoid accidents.


2. Use your seatbelt all the time

Using a seatbelt prevents passenger ejections during an accident. Statistics show that wearing a seatbelt at the time of an accident reduces the rate of serious injuries by 50% and the risk of death by 45%. So, we don’t need to say more about the huge importance of using a seatbelt for you, the driver, and any other passenger that joins you in the drive. 


3. Maintenance is key

In every vehicle, it is important to have regular maintenance, but it is even more important in heavy-duty trucks due to the consequences of mechanical damage. It’s crucial to make an inspection before you hit the road. This is a brief list of some of the main aspects you can consider checking every day: 


● Check your brake pad and its thickness

● Your tires, if they’re not worn or flat

● Fluids must be at an optimal level 

● Your engine shouldn’t be making any weird sound

● Check if the mirrors and other exterior parts are in a good condition


If you determine there’s damage or malfunction in the system of your truck, you better give a call to your trusted mechanic. 


If you detect that a part of the truck is defective, you need to get a replacement. When you have to replace a truck part, you need to get quality for a good price, this means you need an aftermarket part. In IBG truck parts we have a wide catalog of aftermarket parts, also a long variety of parts, so you definitely are going to find what you need. Take a look at our products at:     

Best practices of a responsible heavy-duty truck driver
Best practices of a responsible heavy-duty truck driver


4. Keep your distance!

You must keep your distance from other vehicles: cars, motorcycles, buses and also other trucks. This will allow you to react, with time, in case of an accident and the chance of avoiding one. 

Best practices of a responsible heavy-duty truck driver


As a responsible truck driver, you are not just looking for your own safety but also the safety of others drivers, so thank you for following these and other measures.